Israel: Report Back from the Land

Nitza reports on her trip to Israel after returning from the STANDING WITH ISRAEL 2017 TOUR.  Also reporting are tour attendees and special guests, Pastors John and Sandi Craig from Life of Worship Fellowship (Amarillo, TX) and producers of Spirit and Truth Radio (Tuesdays, 9pm Central) on  Tour was led by Dr. Hollisa Alewine (author of Standing With Israel and The Creation Gospel Workbooks) and Tour Leader Joan Blackwell Pennington hosted by Blossoming Rose Tours of  Biblical Tamar Park.


AIRED LIVE:  April 6, 2017


Getting Our Frequency in Line with HaShem’s Will

This is an unedited version of the recorded LIVE show which aired 3/31/16 wherein Nitza’s special guest was Rivka Sari who is an American/Israeli Judaica Artist, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and has a Ph.D. in Judaic Studies.  Actual show begins at about 7 minutes.  Stay tuned for Part 2 coming this fall!

Rivka addresses the topic of VIBRATIONS of the body and mind and how linen, natural fabrics and essential oils affect our bodies which are made in the image of the Holy Temple.  She also shares about the pronunciation of the name of Elohim — YHWH.

Other topics will include:

Aligning Our Body with HaShem’s Will Through Dress

– How to Get the Sinai Experience Now
Bringing Torah into the World
Inhaling Torah
Being a Pleasing Aroma to HaShem
Frequency of Kedusha – Holiness

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Part 5: Vibrations of Holiness

Vibrations of Holiness Newsletter size
Part 5:  Vibrations of Holiness Series with Nitza and Jessica Fischer. 

In this show, we cover Linen in the Tabernacle.  Be sure to look for the Remnant Ramblings Newsletter which is premiering the article in 3 parts — A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF LINEN.  This article will also be published in full after it is released in our newsletter.

This is a series based on the research assignment Jessica did while taking Joseph Good’s class on the Temple and Kedusha or holiness.  Her paper entitled, THE KEDUSHA – FREQUENCY CONNECTION is covered in this radio series. 

!!! NOW AVAILABLE — > 10-CD Set along with a PDF of Jessica’s Research paper
Vibrations of Holiness

10-Part CD Set ~ Vibrations of Holiness



Part 1: Vibrations of Holiness

Vibrations of Holiness Newsletter size
Part 1:  Vibrations of Holiness Series with Nitza and Jessica Fischer. 

“What if we were able to detect kedusha (holiness) with our senses?  How would it change our daily halacha (walk) if we understood the physical mechanisms which influence the rise and fall of our own state of kedusha and our subsequent ability to draw near to the Father Elohim?”

This is a series based on the research assignment Jessica did while taking Joseph Good’s class on the Temple and Kedusha or holiness.  Her paper entitled, THE KEDUSHA – FREQUENCY CONNECTION is covered in this radio series. 


!!! NOW AVAILABLE — > 10-CD Set along with a PDF of Jessica’s Research paper
Vibrations of Holiness

10-Part CD Set ~ Vibrations of Holiness

WATCH this video wherein a Jewish Youth has a near death experience and shares how the smell was amazing in Gan Eden (Paradise) and the Moshiach would know us by our AROMA!

G-d Week 2015: His Name is in SHeMeN (Essential Oils)

His name is in Shemen
Messianic LAMB Radio sets apart 1 week each year to just talk about G-d, Elohim, YHWH, YeHuWaH!

This year, G-d Week became a 3-Day Virtual Conference with over 39 teachers and many praise and worship singing artists to feature the theme to PRAY, PRAISE and PROCLAIM Elohim!

This 2015 radio show features the teaching Nitza (Remnant Remedy and Living Stones did based on her article HIS NAME is in SHeMeN which is posted in two parts and was featured in the Remnant Ramblings Newsletter (11/6/15 & 11/15/15).


Don’t miss our NEW VIBRATIONS OF HOLINESS Radio Series!


Northwest Fires and Part 1: SHeMeN Extraction Methods of Essential Oils

Join Nitza as she discusses difficulties with Summer 2015 Northwest FIRES and attacks to Remnant Remedy ministry.  Thus, she discusses physical and spiritual fires.  Then she begins teaching on the different extraction methods of SHeMeN. i.e. essential oils.  Why it’s important to know the species of your essential oils, where they are grown and how they are extracted.


Liposomal Vitamin C ~ FOLLOW UP & MORE INFO!

The first Liposomal Vitamin C show was so successful in getting the information out that many listeners had more questions and testimonials from using it. Again, Nitza interviews Mark Rasmussen to discuss Liposomal Vitamin C, General Scurvy and Focal Scurvy, Orthomolecular Medicine, Dosage as recommended by Dr. Cathcart’s article, What You Should KNOW if you Want to Make it at Home and MORE!

Resources to research include:

~ Dr. Levy’s books including, PRIMAL PANACEA, STOP AMERICA’S NUMBER ONE KILLER! “Coronary Heart Disease is Arterial Scurvy,” Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins and More!

Information, videos, and books on vaccinations and dental work causing health problems are available @ and

Also, Dr. Levy has several videos on a variety of health topics covering the use of high dose vitamin C such as:

Video – Dr. Levy interview regarding how vitamin C fights cancer, heart disease and much more!

~ Dr. Cathcart’s information on Doctor Yourself website includes information regarding dosage in his article: VITAMIN C, TITRATING TO BOWEL TOLERANCE, ANASCORBEMIA AND ACUTE INDUCED SCURVY @

NOTE: According to Dr. Levy, one needs to know that LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C is approximately 10 times STRONGER in dosage than oral vitamin C and approximately 5 x 10 times strong than the ‘IV’ form.  In addition, there was no  “Liposomal Vitamin C” available when the bulk of the research articles were written.

Excerpts from Dr. Levy:  “I had taken many IVC infusions between 50 and 100 grams in the past when I was ill, and I observed on more than one occasion that 5 grams of lypo C had clearly as good or even greater an impact on the acute symptoms of cold or flu than 50 grams of vitamin C given intravenously.”

Also, see excerpt taken from “Natural News” for this quote:  “Due to its aqueous nature, it’s estimated that only 20% or less of mega-dose IV C penetrates cells’ fatty outer wall tissues.  But an estimated 90% of lipid-encapsulated particles of Liposomal Vitamin C are able to penetrate into cells because of their lipid nature, which harmonizes with cell walls’ fatty tissue.”

~ Linus Pauling’s who was a 2-time Nobel Prize Winner, author, lecturer, biochemist and major Vitamin C researcher did his last interview at age 93 wherein he shares some amazing information in the following video @ and in an article @

~ Dr. Mercola has an article which highlights some points @

~ News video about Alan Smith from New Zealand who was dying from Swine Flu in the hospital but his family fought to give him Vitamin C @

~ Dr. Riordan discusses in video about Vitamin C and Cancer @ and there are many more videos @ including Riordan Clinic IVC & Cancer Symposium.

Contact Mark for more info and/or how to purchase Liposomal Vitamin C:

Phone:  541-813-9426

Email: or

A quote from Dr. Levy:  “Additional factors come into play, however, when treating chronic infections and chronic degenerative diseases, like Lyme, cancer, and coronary heart disease. While I feel that access to quality lypo-C is the best option if only one option is available, I strongly recommend motivated individuals take as many types of vitamin C that they can . . .

For an additional type of Vitamin C – Don’t miss Remnant Remedy’s SALE on VITAMIN C Powder @

Disclaimer:  The host and guest are not licensed health professionals and the information provided has not been approved by FDA, AMA or other governing authorities.  Consult your licensed health professional if needed.


How to Minister to Others & Keep Your Relationship with G-d?!

Join the crew as we discuss how one ministers to others full-time or part-time and still keep in sync with the Living God.  This is NOT just for pastors, teachers, radio producers, and other “ministry” persons but for everyone including men, women, children, fathers, husbands, mothers, wives, sisters and brothers.  EVERYONE needs to minister to others and, YET, they need to keep in right intimate relationship with and minister to their CREATOR AND receive ministry back from His Spirit/Ruach.

2-Hour Special on Messianic LAMB Radio with Mark David Smith, Nitza Moshe, Gabriel Bartlett, Brooke Lounsbury, David Mathews, Leslie Ann, and Angie Howard


Part 1: Coming Out of Egypt

Nitza Moshe with cohost Brooke Lounsbury (Health Begins at Home) discuss how SHAME and HONOR which was Scripturally designed for good is now shaping our society NOT for the good, especially in America.  Media is a powerful and effective modern day tool used to push the NWO agenda of promiscuity and perversion on us.  If we dont go along with the propaganda, we are considered to be “haters.”  Our youth are particularly under attack.  The internet and technology has infiltrated every nook of our lives and we have surprisingly become very comfortable with it. How do we unplug? What is the answer?  From ancient times until today, shame and honor were used to shape society and keep people on the straight and narrow path.  It was a powerful tool but the tide turned with the advent of “comforts.”  Today, we have more “leisure” time that consumes us and weaves a web around us with the web of technology — even when we try to “unplug.”  Nitza and Brooke will explore solutions to this dilemma and how to shield our families from the societal “norms.” Coming SOON!