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Sukkot Specials
Sukkot Specials
EMF Shields
Pendant Diffusers
Linen flax thread

We hope you had an awesome Sukkot! 
We are returning home and will begin shipping orders again on Monday, 
Look for our new DVD teaching on worship and Sandalwood coming next month!

Meanwhile, you can purchase the DVD below or watch via youtube.

 Video Thumbnail
Watch our new teaching video!
Flu, Colds, Respiratory Infections & Mold: How to Anoint Your Loved Ones

WATCH: CCTV Interview, Part 1 & Part 2

NEW!!!  Restless Leg (Muscle Cramp) Remedy, Israeli Grown and Pressed

In Stock and COMING to Website SOON!

LIPO Remedy (for lipoma/cellulite), Oregano (Ein Gedi, Israel), Allspice (Bay Rum),
Gardenia EnfleurageManuka, Certified Organic LIME, Organic Grapeseed Oil,
Hair & Body Wash, Peppermint Lip Balm, Natural Non-Toxic Sunscreen
Just email or call if you would like to order any of the above new SHeMeN!

Complete Book of Aromatherapy & Essential Oils      Pocket Guide to Essential Oils

Foot Reflexology Chart w/English & Hebrew

Foot Chart

Current BEST SELLER - Anti-Wrinkle for those 50 & Wiser!
AntiWrinkle Blend for those 50 years old and Wiser!

 If you have any problems ordering, please contact us as we had to increase security measures to protect this website. 
We would be glad to personally assist you. 
If any oil is out of stock, please inquire, we may have it and just have
not had time to update our website!  Remember, we also do custom blends.

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