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AYIN SIGHT (Eye Sight/Vision Blend)

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Quick Overview

Formulated to strengthen, repair and improve the eyes & eyesight (support vision). May aid to improve circulation, strengthen blood capillary walls, fight infection, regenerate connective tissue, detoxify blood & relieve pain. Anti-inflammatory.

Ayin Sight (I-See-U, I-C-U) 15ml

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  • Ayin Sight (I-See-U, I-C-U) 15ml
  • I-See-U - Shown in 15ml


AYIN SIGHT (Eyesight/Vision Support) ~ Formulated to strengthen, repair and improve the eyes and eyesight.  May aid to improve circulation, strengthen blood capillary walls, fight infection, regenerate connective tissue, detoxify blood and relieve pain.  Helps to tone muscle and tissue, carries oxygen to the brain and strengthen and soothe nerves.  Anti-inflammatory.

Of particular note In this blend:  Helichrysum italicum is well known to regenerate skin and nerve tissues; Cypress is known for circulation and, yet, stops bleeding; while Frankincense is known to repair DNA.

Emotional Influence:  Uplifting and aiding to restore balance to emotions.

Application:  Lie down, close your eyes and apply on the upper eyelids on the boney part around each eye. Keep your eyes closed and rest a few minutes.  Preferable to use at nighttime before bedtime when your eyes can remain closed.  For additional precaution, apply the oil with a cotton swap so that there is less oil and chance of it leaking down into your eye. See CAUTION below.  Historically, studies indicate that by rubbing oils around the eye on the boney parts for several minutes TWICE Daily for at LEAST 3 weeks before improvement can be noticed.

For Age Related Macular Degeneration, in addition to AYIN SIGHT, CLOVE or LEMON PressedCLOVE which is known as one of the highest antioxidant nutrients for AMD especially for “wet” AMD while LEMON Pressed is indicated for “dry” AMD.  Additionally, be sure to include VITAMIN C, foods rich in carotenoids (such as carrots) and anti-oxidants (such as blueberries and spinach).

DRY AMD, the most common form, wherein macular cells irreversibly degenerate while WET AMD is usually indicated by abnormal blood vessel growth resulting in macula-damaging blood leaks.

Contains:  Helichrysum Italicum, Myrrh, Frankincense (Boswellia sacra), Lavender (Provence), Cypress, Eucalyptus globulus, Lemongrass, Jojoba and F.C.O. 

CAUTION:  NEVER put DIRECTLY into the eye.  Use before bedtime when eyes can remain closed or with EXTRA.  Can feel HOT to sensitive skin so dilute with a carrier oil if necessary.  If you get oil in your eye(s) do NOT rinse out with WATER!  INSTEAD add a carrier oil such as olive or fractionated coconut oil.  Water will cause faster absorption and will burn more.  Carrier oil slows down the absorption rate.  If no carrier oil is available, milk has been used (cow, goat, soy, rice, almond, etc.).

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