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GRAPEFRUIT WHITE ~ Israeli Organic ~ 5ml
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GRAPEFRUIT WHITE ~ Israeli Organic ~ 4oz.

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May assist nervous exhaustion, performance stress, jet lag, PMS, depression, self doubt, headaches and drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Israeli White Grapefruit

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  • Israeli White Grapefruit


GRAPEFRUIT, WHITE - Israeli Organic (Citrus x paradisi):  WHITE GRAPEFUIT has more detoxifying effects than PINK GRAPEFRUIT which has a more attractive aroma.  Otherwise, WHITE GRAPEFRUIT generally has the SAME PROPERTIES as PINK GRAPEFRUIT.

May assist with digestive complaints, obesity, muscle fatigue, kidney and liver problems. Used internally for digestive complaints, stimulates gallbladder, liver tonic, useful in anorexia and bulimia, regulates body weight if used regularly. Beneficial for athlete’s foot, acne, oily skin, tones congested skin, tightens skin, aids hair growth, cellulite, airborne disinfectant when diffused, eases muscle fatigue, stiffness, increases circulation, stimulates lymphatic system, detoxification, cold, chills, flu, increases urine flow, and eases water retention. May assist nervous exhaustion, performance stress, jet lag, PMS, depression, self doubt, headaches and drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Traditional Uses:  Lymphatic massage, singularly or blended with Geranium.  Massage after exercise, gardening, etc. to aid dispersion of lactic acid from muscles helping to reduce achiness and stiffness.  Use as a tonic for oil skin and scalp.  Massage for cellulite and overall fatty tissues and as a skin toner.  Inhale or diffuse for anti-depressant – gives a sunny, mental alertness without being sedative – especially during winter months and when one suffers from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  Mix with Witch Hazel or vodka for air spray to disinfect.  Apply topically to foot reflexology points associated with areas of concern.

Note:  Grapefruit shemen is different from other citrus essential oils because it is NOT a photosensitizer.  Though it does contain Furocoumarins which have a photosensitizing effect, it is balance with the other chemical constituents.  This is an example as to why plants, herbs and essential oils, in their whole and not in parts, are safer than as they are when certain constituents are extracted for so called “health” products.  Since Grapefruit shares many of the same properties of other citrus oils, it is a good alternative to use.  Other citrus oils require you to not be exposed to direct sunlight for up to 12 hours upon use to be safe and avoid burning.

Israeli Distilled
Remnant Remedy is excited to have sourced a very high grade of this White Grapefruit grown and distilled in ISRAEL.  We love the refreshing aroma!

It's known amongst aromatherapists who are Covenant Believers that there is a high vibrational frequency of life that emanates from plants and essential oils grown and/or distilled in IsraelThis vitality is demonstrated in lab results which test for such.  In fact, one can take a sampling of plants from the same crop, in the same year, and send those to different corners of the earth to be distilled and, when all samples are tested; the vitality results are higher for those which were distilled in Israel. 

This is amazing and easily understood when we take into account that the very presence of Elohim was on the Temple Mount and in the Covenant Land of Israel.  Also, the power and the energy of the Ark of the Covenant was and, probably still is, located in the Land. 

Knowing that Elohim, the Creator of the Universe, made all things and is the Author of LIFE and LIGHT and Who chose to dwell with His people in the Land of Israel causes us to ponder how that may affect living things such as plants.  In fact, His very presence or even the remnants of His presence must have an effect on everything within the Land and, particularly, those things which we know bring restorative health and operate from a measurable signature frequency.  After all, His presence and life giving energy flows from Mount Tsiyon over all the earth!  How much more so is it concentrated from the place wherein He put His name* and chose to reign from?!

The Hebrew word name in Hebrew is shem which can also denote Elohim’s power, character and authority.  See related article His Name is in Essential Oils forthcoming in Remnant Rambling Newsletter

Emotional Influence: Uplifting, gives confidence and helps prevent one from drowning in one’s own negativity and self pity.

Constituent: Monoterpenes/Aldehydes

Descriptor: Stimulates liver, aids digestion, antiseptic, alkalizing, anti-inflammatory.


Expressed:  Plant

*Clay Diffusers are hand made, pressed and crafted from Israeli Dead Sea Clay.  Therefore, they are not uniform or "perfect."  However, they are effective for use by applying 1 - 2 drops on the clay diffuser and then enjoy for hours - days!  We are proud to offer these Menorah and Tree of Life Clay Diffusers to support Jewish children with their medical costs who suffer from Hemophilia.

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