Ordering Online: For online orders we can accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

For us to deliver your merchandise in the most efficient manner possible, we ask that you please be sure to fill out all of the information accurately and completely. Once you have submitted your online order you will be notified immediately that it has securely been submitted to us.  For further information, SEE our TERMS of SERVICE.

To assure internet transaction security, we are a certified secure site and have what is known in the industry as SSL (secure socket layer) technology. Our encryption works on a 128-bit system, which is the highest form of security available and is completely verified through Authorize.net. We provide this security package to help protect Remnant Remedy users.

Ordering By E-Mail or Snail Mail: When ordering with check or money order, contact us by phone or email us with your order.  We will hold your order until payment has been received and has cleared our bank account.  Once cleared, we will process your order.  We usually go ahead and send you the order and then wait for payment once you have established yourself as a dependable and trustworthy customer.

When Ordering & Sending Payment: Be sure to include your NAME, SHIPPING ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER along with the QUANTITY, SIZE and DESCRIPTION of items wanted.  Please allow up to 8 days for first class mail to reach us.

Send Check or Money Order Payable to:

Viola Moss (Bookkeeper)
POB 37
Troy, ID  83871
Ordering By Telephone: For phone orders, the best time to call is Monday – Thursday, between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Pacific Time.  You may call earlier and leave a message.  Please keep in mind, that we are a ministry and are not always available due to Shabbat and other moedim/feasts, traveling and/or assisting others.  Also, due to the remoteness of our location and travelling, we do not always have internet service or phone technology.  These times are few and are normally corrected within a day.  If for any reason, you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please assume that we did not receive your message and PLEASE call or email to contact us again.  We do our best to always have call forwarding, cell phone and/or internet service but when traveling in and out of the area, there are times when these services are not available and do not register once we are back in reception area.

Cutoff and Shipping Times:  For further information, SEE our TERMS of SERVICE.  If you need an order EXPEDITED for urgent reasons, we will try to accommodate you, just let us know by putting the notes in the order or emailing or calling us.  If it is possible, we will make it happen.

Cancellations: Because we normally process and ship your order within moments of receiving it, we can only accept order cancellations by 3 PM Mountain Time, and all requests for order cancellations received after this time will not be accepted. If you are unable to submit your order cancellation by the 3 PM deadline you may return the parcel UNOPENED its receipt for a full refund less shipping charges and 4%.

Discrepancies, Shortages and Returns: If your order is received with any notable shortcomings, please contact us immediately.  All discrepancies, shortages, broken merchandise and any requests for returns must be made in accordance with our RETURN POLICY.  For further information, SEE our TERMS of SERVICE.

What If the Bottle I Ordered Doesn’t Look Full?  Due to issues that may arise when manufacturing bottles, a bottle may look not full or only half full.  All bottles are filled by the amount of oil ordered NOT by how full the bottle appears to be.  The thickness or thinness and shape of the glass inside the bottle can make a bottle appear to be less than full.

Currently, the bottles we have, look mostly full when filled with the proper amount ordered (5ml, 15ml, 1 oz., etc.).

In the past, we have had bottles that appeared to look only 1/2 to 2/3 full when filled.  However, we disposed of them and should not have any of them left.  That being stated, we usually do not have an issue with such now.

Therefore, if you receive a bottle of SHeMeN (oil) that appears to be only half full to two-thirds full, please DO NOT open.  Instead, return the bottle so that we can TEST the bottle and we will send you another bottle.  We want to make sure that these problems do not happen and we need to test and find out why this is so in order to correct the problem.  CONTACT us for instructions for APPROVAL to RETURN so that we might TEST it and REPLACE your order.

The last time a customer had this problem, over a year ago, we TESTED and measured out the oil in the bottle and there was actually 15.3 ml of oil instead of just 15 ml.  It was just an anomaly.

International Orders: We ship internationally! For more information please CONTACT US for shipping rates and additional bank charges that may be incurred.