Satisfaction Guarantee

We Provide 100% PURE THERAPEUTIC SHeMeN (Essential oils).  Guaranteed!

We find the highest quality herbs and SHeMeN (Essential Oils) from all around the world.  We work with small family farms that grow the plants right (organically) and then either dry or distill them properly (low temperature and no/low pressure).  A plant grown in the “proper” part of the world will produce a superior herb or SHeMeN/oil when dried or distilled with care.

Almost every one of our SHeMeN/oil are either Certified Organic (the farm has an organic certification from their government agency), Organically Grown (grown organically but not certified, some countries do not offer organic certification), or Wild (grown by nature).  The select few that we do not sell organically at this time is due to the extreme high cost of that oil grown organically (usually 4 to 10 times the current conventional price).  The conventional oils that we sell are still harvested and distilled with the ideal of obtaining the highest quality oil/SHeMeN from the plant.  We use single crop, single farm and do not mix such.  These few conventional oils will be replaced with organic oils once a high quality cost effective replacement can be grown.


Download our PDF Mini Reference Manual on Remnant Remedy SHeMeN  which includes a Cross Reference of Comparable Blends for YLO and soon to come doTerra.

We are currently working on updating it to include a "symptoms" index.  When it is completed with a major revision, it will be available for sale as a download.  Meanwhile, it is FREE.

It will contain info that is being put into the REMNANT MAMA REMEDY CHEST MANUAL.