SHaySH ~ Linen

SHaySH ~ Linen

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The Battle of DaBaR – the Word of G-d/YHWH and What does it have to do with Frequencies?

Nitza Moshe presents how frequencies were created and spoken from the book of Genesis in Scripture and demonstrated in the Ancient Hebrew language.  She further explains how “frequencies that were put in order at the beginning” by the spoken Word of Elohim relates to Essential Oils, Linen, and EMFs and how these were part of the LOST TREASURES of Israel which were prophesied in Hosea to be taken away from Abba’s people.  This understanding of these lost treasures are related to modern digitized technology.  The understanding of how EMF and other frequencies are being used against mankind and how frequencies can be used to help restore mankind is paramount to the Bride/Church for her to be prepared and empowered for the return of the Messiah.

After an overview in the first hour (into the 2nd hour), Nitza discusses how essential oils are part of a remnant remedy chest for first aid preparedness.

This teaching is a condensed version from several different 1- 2 hour topic presentations Nitza presents at congregations, preparedness groups, organizations, conferences, etc.  Nitza is planning a speaking tour from Idaho to Washington, Oregon and California and perhaps Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming in the month of May, 2014.  Contact her is you would like for her to share in your local area.