Terms of Service

If wherever you are in the world today is the 7th Day (a SHaBBbaT/Sabbath, the day of rest), we request that you refrain from purchasing from this site.  This is so that all involved may be blessed and give honor to our CREATOR.

YOU AGREE, by accessing this web site, to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site.

Mission of Service: We strive to have very kind and understanding customer service. If you work with us, we will strive to find a way to solve any problem so that it is fair and equitable for both parties.  Please remember this if you do have a problem and let us know as soon as possible.

How long does it take for me to receive my orderNormally, you will receive your order within 7 - 14 business days depending on the size of your order and the shipping method chosen.  Our orders are usually processed and submitted to the appropriate shipping department within 24 - 72 hours and will then ship within 2 - 4 days depending on inventory, size of order, destination, and when the order was placed.  Orders placed on Thursday and Friday are not usually shipped until the following Monday or Tuesday for oils and linen thread; and Wednesday and Fridays for EMF Shields.  Remnant Remedy does not process or ship orders on weekends, nor do our suppliers.  If you NEED your order to be expedited, please contact me or alert us on the check-out NOTES.  We will accomodate you if at all possible.  Please remember we are on Pacific time.

Usually for oils, even though you may have selected less expensive shipping via FedEX, we normally will send your order via USPS PRIORITY 2 - 3 day mail.  If you NEED to have FedEX delivery instead of postal service delivery PLEASE PUT A NOTE ON YOUR ORDER or contact us to let us know.

EXCEPTION:  EMF Shields, most often, ship separately from our Florida Warehouse and only ship on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Additionally, we observe Passover, Unleavened Bread, Shavu'ot, Yom Kippurim, and Sukkot.  So, we do not process or ship orders on these days.  Thank you for your understanding.

Some items may be in the process of being restocked.  If this is the case at the time of your order, it usually takes 8 - 16 days to receive your order.  In this case, we usually email you to let you know there is a delay.

Please do not depend on our website to notify you as to when we ship.  I, personally, cannot keep up with writing, radio, consulting and processing orders and notifying the status of the process for each order.  I do try to complete the order once it has shipped of which you may receive a notification of such.

Usually, all essential oil packages are sent with Delivery confirmation through USPS.com, or with a tracking # through UPS.com or FEDEX. You are responsible for the packages security once it has been delivered. You agree that with proof of delivery you have your product and we are not liable for lost or stolen orders at this point. If you are concerned with the options above please call in your order and we can arrange for your package to require a signature, and/or add insurance to the package at the cost of the customer (starts around $2.00). If you chose not to have these extra precautions added you agree to not harass, hold liable or try to recover any money from "lost" or stolen packages from your mail box or residence.

You also agree to cooperate with us, if there is any need to trace a package or to start a claim with the insurance company. Including writing a letter stating that a package was lost damaged or stolen.  You are responsible for any extra taxes or duty fees when shipping packages out side of the United States. As of right now we have found the USPS the least expensive way to go as they do not have extra brokerage fees like UPS.com

Shipping Costs:  We are aware that our shopping cart sometimes over charges and/or under charges for shipping.  We have updated the software and it is better.  Now, more often, it under charges and we absorb the shipping costs.  However, if this occurs and there is more than a $3 difference, we normally compensate you by upgrading the size of a product size or by adding FREE product to your order which is, many times, worth more than the cost difference.  Additionally, we may issue a COUPON CODE to you worth as much or more than the difference. 

To save on shipping, we suggest you SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter as we run promos with special discounts that, usually, more than makes up for the shipping costs.  If you have a large order, contact us and we will consider compensating the shipping charge for FREE product worth close to the same amount.

In the future, we are considering a FREQUENT BUYER MEMBERSHIP and are in a testing mode for REFERRAL AFFILIATES for those who want to purchase our oils at a discount in volume for their own personal use and to retail and/or bless others in their region.

Take Responsibility: You are responsible for the proper and safe use of SHeMeN (essential oils) and supplements.  Furthermore, you recognize that all content on www.remnantremedy.net is for educational use only and is not meant to treat, diagnose, or prescribe.  If you should have any questions, you should contact, be advised by and/or supervised by a licensed physician.

Warranty, Disclaimer and Liability:  Remnant Remedy provides no warranty, expressed or implied, for any product or materials on this site other than as stated and provided by a manufacturer of any product that we offer.  Remnant Remedy does not retain a licensed physician and you agree to consider the information provided and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR OWN and well being.  FDA and all other earthly government entities have not approved this site or the use of any product or information on this site.  The information provided is taken from scientific research, resources, experiences and opinions of those who have offered to share such.  It is for those seeking Scriptural and natural health solutions.  It is not intended to diagnose or prescribe.  Any descriptions and indications for historical or traditional use of products were taken from opinions, use and research by doctors, laymen (common people without degrees or licenses), scientific research and health journalists as printed in various books and documents.

THEREFORE, statements, opinions, references and testimonies about these products have not been evaluated, nor approved by the F.D.A..  These products and comments are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease.  All products are to be used after careful evaluation and consultation with a health professional.

FURTHERMORE, In order to be compliant with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and all other Government Agencies such as CODEX ALIMENTARIUS which is the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations World Health Organization, we are NOT ALLOWED to use the words CURE, HEAL, TREAT, DIAGNOSE or PREVENT DISEASE in any part of our web page, testimonies, flyers, banners, newsletters, business cards, postcards, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Chat Rooms, Bulletin Boards and all other web sources.

Therefore, we cannot make such claims regardless of the results of using any product.

Return Policy:SHeMeN (Essential Oils): Remnant Remedy strives to find the highest quality SHeMeN (Essential Oils) from around the World that are NOT adulterated that is mixed with synthetic or less inferior oil.  Most of the oils come from small family farms that grow the plants organically and then either dries or distills them properly (low temperature and no/low pressure in stainless steel). A plant grown in the “proper” part of the world will produce a superior herb or SHeMeN/oil when dried or distilled with care.  Almost every SHeMeN/oil that we offer is either Certified Organic (the farm has an organic certification from their government agency), Organically Grown (grown organically but not certified, some countries do not offer organic certification), or Wild.  The select few that we do not sell organically at this time is due to the EXTREME high cost of that oil grown organically (usually 4 to 10 times the current conventional price).  The conventional oils that we sell are still harvested and distilled with the ideal of obtaining the highest quality oil/SHeMeN from the plant.  These few conventional oils will be replaced with organic oils once a high quality cost effective replacement can be grown.  To insure your confidence about our oils we offer the following return policy.

Remnant Remedy GUARANTEES that all SHeMeN (essential oils) offered are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade and offer the following conditions of return:

  • A 30-day Return Policy from Date of Purchase if UnOpened.
  • Once opened, a 15-day Return Policy from Date of Purchase for UNUSED portion with a LIMIT of Two each for 15ml Bottles OR Four each for 5ml Bottles PER ORDER. OPENED Supplements do not qualify for such.  Any attempts to dilute or refill the bottle in any way is a violation of this offer and will note be accepted.
  • No Returns for ANY of our products will be Accepted WITHOUT PRIOR Authorization and APPROVAL and the Customer Assumes Responsibility for the Items and Package Until it Arrives at our Location.

Pendant Diffusers: Must receive authorization and be in unopened condition and not used.

Doulton Water Systems: Unused product may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund LESS shipping costs and 10% restocking fee.  The filter systems have a one year warranty to cover defects.  The candles and cartridges do not have a warranty as they can be easily broken by dropping them or over tightening.

What If the Bottle I Ordered Doesn’t Look Full? Due to issues that may arise when manufacturing bottles, a bottle may look not full or only half full.  All bottles are filled by the amount of oil ordered NOT by how full the bottle appears to be.  The thickness or thinness and shape of the glass inside the bottle can make a bottle appear to be less than full.  We use glass laboratory rods with scientific measurements.

Currently, the European bottles we use, hold more than the amount you order and we almost always overfill them.  However, they may not look full, especially for 15ml size which holds 18+ ml.

Therefore, if you receive a bottle of SHeMeN (oil) that appears to be only half full to two-thirds full, please DO NOT open.  Instead, return the bottle so that we can TEST the bottle and we will send you another bottle.  We want to make sure that these problems do not happen and we need to test and find out why this is so in order to correct the problem.  CONTACT us for instructions for APPROVAL to RETURN so that we might TEST it and REPLACE your order.

The last time a customer had this problem, over a year ago, we TESTED and measured out the oil in the bottle and there was actually 15.3 ml of oil instead of just 15 ml.  It was just an anomaly.

Cancellations:  If you cancel your order AFTER we have packaged it and printed shipping labels and/or sent to post office, we can NOT cancel your order.  If you want to pay to return the order unopened, we will refund you less 15% for bank fees and restocking.

Errors:  In the event that a product is mistakenly listed at an incorrect price or if the price from our supplier has significantly been increased at the time of the order, or if shipping and handling has increased due to gas prices, other world events or for any other reason, Remnant Remedy reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order placed for product listed at the incorrect price or with incorrect shipping.  Remnant Remedy reserves the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card or paypal has been charged. If you have already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, Remnant Remedy shall issue a credit to your account.

Termination:  These terms and conditions are applicable to you upon your accessing the site and/or completing the registration or shopping process. These terms and conditions, or any part of them, may be terminated by Remnant Remedy without notice at any time, for any reason. The provisions relating to Copyrights, Trademark, Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification and Miscellaneous, shall survive any termination.

Notice:  Remnant Remedy may deliver notice to you by means of e-mail, a general notice on the site, or by any other reliable method such as your mailing address as you have provided.

What personal information does Remnant Remedy keep specific to me?
We retain your full name, address, phone number and email address.  We do NOT store credit card information and the card information is entered on a secure and encrypted page. We do not sell, rent or share your information with anyone outside of the ministry of Remnant Remedy.

Links:  Remnant Remedy may provide information, resources, web links, etc. which we think may benefit you in some way.  This does not mean we agree with anything or everything but believe there is some value to you.  We have no control over these sites nor their privacy and data collection policies; therefore, you access them at your own risk.  However, we desire to protect the integrity of this site and ask that if there are any problems with such that you contact us so that we might remedy it (pun intended).

Copyright:  The entire content included in this site, including but not limited to text, graphics or code was given by the Creator to the stewards of Remnant Remedy.  Please do unto others as you would have them do unto you and do not violate the commandment of coveting or stealing such for your personal gain.  The materials contained in this web site are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law.  Copyright 2011 - 2020, Remnant Remedy, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Governing Law: Any claim relating to www.remnantremedy.net web site shall be governed by the laws of the State of Idaho without regard to its conflict of law provisions.